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  • Remove Unused Flatpak Runtimes from Linux
  • Star Labs Teases New Linux Laptop with 11th Gen Intel CPUs, 11 Hours Battery Life
  • NAME:WRECK ALERT: New DNS Vulnerabilities Have the Potential to Impact Millions of Devices
  • Reco: Audio Recording App Designed for elementary OS
  • How to Install Laravel on Ubuntu 20.04
  • Charles Games Sound Positive about Porting to Linux in Their Recap
  • UPDATE: New Important Kernel Update Released for RHEL 7 and CentOS Linux 7 Systems
  • Linux Capacity Planning: Part 2
  • FFmpeg 4.4 Released with Hardware Accelerated AV1 Decoding, VDPAU Accelerated HEVC and VP9 Decoding
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  • T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T Have Reportedly Killed Their RCS Joint Venture
  • FCC Urges Americans To Run Internet Speed App To Counter Broadband Data Fudging
  • Australia's NDIS Gets a Government App With Blockchain But No Ethics
  • Genetic Mistakes That Could Shape Our Species
  • Detroit Man Sues Police For Wrongfully Arresting Him Based On Facial Recognition
  • NSA Helps Out Microsoft With Critical Exchange Server Vulnerability Disclosures
  • Inspur, China's Largest Cloud Hardware Vendor, Joins Open-Source Patent Consortium
  • School Custodian Refuses To Download Phone App That Monitors Location, Says It Got Her Fired
  • Las Vegas Pushes To Become First To Ban Ornamental Grass
  • Global PC Market Swells by 55% in Q1 2021 To 82.7 Million
  • Tech Workers At the New York Times Have Formed a Union
  • EU Poised To Set AI Rules That Would Ban Surveillance and Social Behavior Ranking
  • There's Another Facebook Phone Number Database Online
  • 'Why It's Easier To Move Country Than Switch Social Media'
  • NAME:WRECK Vulnerabilities Impact Millions of Smart and Industrial Devices
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