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  • Chef Launches InSpec 2.0 to Improve Security Compliance Automation
  • HTTP/2 Server Push Directive Lands in Nginx 1.13.9
  • Learn XZ (Lossless Data Compression Tool) in Linux with Examples
  • The List Of Useful Bash Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Chroot: the magical healing powers of the original Linux virtualization tool
  • Bruce Perens Seeks Mandatory Award of Legal Fees For His Defense in Open Source Security, Inc. and Bradley Spengler v. Bruce Perens
  • How to make sense of the Apache 2 patent license
  • Hackers Turn the Nintendo Switch into a Linux Tablet with KDE Plasma Desktop
  • Bogus Linux vulnerability gets publicity
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  • Flixster Video Shuts Down
  • Barbie Will Be Used To Teach Kids To Code
  • Researchers Develop Online Game That Teaches Players How To Spread Misinformation
  • Judge Rules AT&T Can't See Trump White House Communications About Time Warner Merger
  • Samsung To Cut OLED Production Due To Poor iPhone X Sales
  • Venezuela Launches Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency
  • New Data Shows Netflix's Number of Movies Has Gone Down By Thousands of Titles Since 2010
  • Slashdot Asks: Which Smart Speaker Do You Prefer?
  • The Swype Smartphone Keyboard Is Dead
  • Jeff Bezos Shares Video of 10,000-Year Clock Project
  • Uber CEO Sees Commercialization of Flying Taxis in 5-10 Years
  • Samsung Starts Mass Producing an SSD With Monstrous 30.72TB Capacity
  • FCC Orders a Brooklyn Man To Turn Off His Bitcoin Miner Because It Was Interfering With T-Mobile's Wireless Network
  • Hackers Hijacked Tesla's Amazon Cloud Account To Mine Cryptocurrency
  • Why Decentralization Matters
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